Zeinel’s experience

Michael and Fiona are an excellent team of professionals with decades of experience, however more importantly they are also very attentive, supportive and sensitive in their approach to their patients. The time of pregnancy, especially the first one, can be quite scary and full of anxiety so after changing my first doctor, i came to realize that the trust and open communication between you and your doctor/midwife is extremely important.

In Michael’s and Fiona’s care I felt safe and in good hands throughout both of my pregnancies and during labour of two of my boys ( now 3.5 yrs and 4 weeks old). Both of them were delivered naturally and without pain medication which I would not be able to achieve without their support and assistance, especially Fiona’s who was there with us every step of the way and whose reassurance and guidance during labour and after birth with breastfeeding was extremely helpful.

A big thank you to Michael and Fiona for taking care of us during one of the most important times of our lives.