Christiana & Paris

Christiana’s & Paris experience

Dr.Lazanakis and midwife Fiona McIntosh make a wonderful and unique team of professionals to care for a woman during pregnancy, birth, and postnatal. This husband and wife team provides their patients with a feeling of warmth and family that we all want to connect to during this special period of our lives, which can be a huge sense of security for all women, but especially to foreign women who are residing abroad and apart from their own families.

Individually, Dr.Lazanakis is a highly competent obstetrician fully capable of adressing any health concerns or circumstances that could arise during pregnancy or birth. He is also open minded, has a sincere concern for women’s utmost wellbeing, and impressed me very much with his obvious respect for what Fiona adds to his practice. Working with his wife allows additional openness in how they exchange information, and this translates into a higher level of care for their patients. Then there is the doctor’s overall reverence toward midwifery practices in general, which is why I chose them after my first meeting with Micheal. Then I met Fiona, who was a great support throughout my pregnancy, and of course postnatally. Fiona’s care really heightened a couple of months before I gave birth, with her birth preparation courses. She is animated and warm, giving you a good idea of what to expect on the big day, and offering an ear and great advice to address any concerns you may have.

Finally, the care I had after giving birth to my son continued to be top notch! Both Micheal and Fiona coming to check up on me, my husband, and our little one, and Fiona providing me with additional information and tips on getting nursing off to a good start. All in all, I would say that my birth was ideal, and that both Fiona and Micheal are honest, trustworthy, advocates of natural birth, not over promising or under promising, but giving you a clear and precise vision for what to expect based on your unique needs.

They were a vital part of my birth team, and my husband and I both have a lot of admiration for them, and are looking forward to future pregnancies in their care.