Symptoms of Endometriosis

The classic symptoms of endometriosis are painful periodspainful sexand infertility. But other symptoms which are common with other conditions can also be present. These symptoms may be related to: pain(painful periods, pain starting before periods, pain during or after sexual intercourse, ovulation pain, pain on internal examination), bleeding(heavy periods with/without clots, prolonged bleeding, premenstrual spotting, irregular periods, loss of dark or old blood before a period or at the end of a period), bowel and bladder symptoms (painful bowel movement, pain before or after opening bowels, bleeding from the bowel, pain when passing urine, pain before or after passing urine) and other symptoms (lethargy, extreme tiredness).

The majority of women with the condition will experience some of these symptoms. Some women with endometriosis will have no symptoms at all. The amount of endometriosis does not always correspond to the amount of pain and discomfort. Chocolate cysts on the ovary can be pain free and only discovered as part of fertility investigations. A small amount of endometriosis can be more painful than severe disease. It depends, largely, on the site of the endometrial deposits. All of the symptoms above may have other causes. It is important to seek medical advice to clarify the cause of any symptoms. If symptoms change, after diagnosis, it is important to discuss these changes with a doctor. It is easier to put all problems down to endometriosis and it may not always be the reason. ​

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