Maria's and Dimitris waterbirth experience

Maria & Dimitris

We met Dr.Lazanakis because we wanted a more natural approach of birth and, if possible, a waterbirth for our second baby. From the first appointment we felt that we were in safe hands; plus, he is very polite, calm, reassuring and explains you literally everything you might want to know without creating you anxiety or stress. We chose him with no second thoughts. And as time was passing, we felt more and more comfortable with him. The prenatal lessons with Fiona helped me a lot, not only for preparing me for the experience of giving birth in the water (totally different from my previous one), but mostly for building a relationship and creating an intimacy with her, feel her like a friend. And this is exactly how you want to feel with your midwife, because she will be next to you at this very personal and unique moment of your life. In fact, she was next to me ALL the time during delivery- she didn’t leave even for 5 minutes, comforting me and giving me courage to continue. The very last moments of delivery, I was holding her hands to get strength and push… and even after delivery, when Dr. Lazanakis was examining me, she was holding my hand tight. I was impressed. I believe the personal and warm approach they both have with their patients is very important; I didn’t have this in my previous pregnancy, and I must say, it made the big difference. The experience in the water was very beautiful. The moment I went in I felt so nice and it helped me relax during contractions. My baby came out quickly and quite easily and I put it right away on my chest. I’m so glad we had an immediate skin-to skin contact, it is very important for the newborns and for breastfeeding. And I’m so happy I had the waterbirth I wanted so much! Finally, I have to mention that this waterbirth would not be possible if it was not for Dr.Lazanakis. Because giving birth in the water meant that everything should be done naturally; and even if I had passed my due date, even if it was Christmas Eve, he waited for my baby to come alone and didn’t induce me to labor (he kept all the safety rules, though) so I could deliver naturally and in the water, as I wanted. He showed a lot of patience, he respected my wish and did everything possible to make it true- I will never forget this. It’s not easy to find doctors like him. Thank you so much Michael and Fiona.
  • Published: 21-01-2018
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