Jilly's experience from Sandy's class

Jilly's experience from Sandy's class

Jilly Blankenship

I joined Sandy’s class at 4 weeks post-Cesarean with Doctor Lazanakis and right away I felt the results. Sandy’s method is very gentle yet targeted on the exact areas needing healing and strength. I thought it would simply be an “abs” class but it was so much more. She fixed my posture, provided relief to an achy neck (from many hours of breastfeeding) and fixed the urinary incontinence I had since pregnancy. Even my husband noticed how improved my posture was. I know my body would be in a much worse state had I not found her classes. At 6 months postpartum I am back to running and feeling the same as before I got pregnant. Sandy is very accommodating to new mother’s needs whether it’s feeding baby at class, bringing mother-in-law along, or even entertaining baby herself! I always felt welcome no matter what mood I or baby was in. Sandy’s energy is contagious and after every class I felt much better than when I started. I really enjoyed meeting other moms yet the classes were small enough to get enough individual attention. I really felt as though Sandy cared about the work I was doing to fix my body. She is a gift to new mothers in their journey to regain both physical and emotional strength. I cannot recommend her classes enough. I will call her as soon as I get pregnant again.
  • Published: 21-01-2018
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