Sandy Leulier

Prenatal and postnatal body instructor


Sandy is French. She started ballet at the age of 4 and graduated from the CNDC school: “Centre National de Dance Contemporaine” (dance techniques, yoga, anatomy, and kinesiology). She pursued a10years international dancecareer, participating in various famous performances, musicals, and operas at “ l’Opera de Paris”. She enriched her professional training by learning within a diverse cultural environment: Athletes, acrobats, and physiotherapists from all over the world, improved her knowledge and techniques.

Since she came to Greece in 2008, she has worked as art director and choreographer. As a mother of two children, she created a successful blog that registered 50.000 members within 9 months of her first pregnancy. Her passion for movement, anatomy, pregnancy and maternity led her to the Institute De Gasquet in Paris, where she was trained in the field of “Sports and maternity”. Upon her return to Greece, she applied the sophisticated techniques to herself during and after her second pregnancy. Nowadays, she’s collaborating with the obstetrician and gynaecologist Michael Lazanakis and midwife Fiona Mcintosh as prenatal and postnatal body instructor.