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Dr M. Lazanankis & Fiona McIntosh, provide a continuous service to all their clients. This includes caring for their clients throughout labour, delivery and the immediate post delivery period. It has been widely accepted that women who get to know their carers in pregnancy and are supported by the same trusted team in labour, increase their chances of having a normal birth.

At the antenatal appointments, time is given to discuss any concerns or requests a couple may have for their labour/birth experience. In doing so, we can help to form a birth plan which respects the couple’s choices and drawing on our combined. Obstetric and Midwifery experience, we can create a plan of care, unique to the woman and her partner’s needs. Many women may elect to have an epidural, whilst others hope to experience childbirth without pain relief. It is our experience that some women apprehensive about natural childbirth, have in fact discovered, in labour, that they have the power and concentration which has sustained them throughout. Prenatal classes are offered to all our clients. These discussions include, how labour starts and what can happen during labour and the birth. The classes will explore different methods of pain relief, both natural and conventional.

From the experience in the UK, women are guided on how to draw on their own natural resources, to help them through their labour. These include visualisation (a form of self hypnosis) , the power of breathing exercises, the use of alternative positions(remaining upright), including kneeling and the use of water. All of which have been proven through research evidence, to assist the labour/birth process and help women to feel more in control of their own labour. While a natural birth approach may be desired by many, it may not be the choice or may not be possible for all, therefore time is also taken to explore how epidurals can help in labour and at delivery. Additionally time is also taken to discuss why a Caesarean section or Ventouse may be required. In the labour room at the hospital, a caring environment is essential. Privacy, quietness and a minimal number of care-givers, where possible, are respected and can help the woman and her partner feel more comfortable and relaxed. Partners are welcome in the labour room and be with their partners for the birth of their baby. Personal items, including their own choice of music can be brought in.

As mentioned, normal birth may not be possible or even desired by all. Medical issues may present either at the beginning or later on in the pregnancy. A woman whose needs that demand a greater medical approach, either in labour or at birth, may equally enjoy the same quality personal care as those experiencing normal birth. Dr M. Lazanakis provides all professional medical specialist care and he will perform a Caesarean section or instrumental delivery where necessary.

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