Ultrasound Examination 28-34 Weeks and Doppler

This ultrasound examination assesses the fetal growth at the third trimester of pregnancy and also the efficiency of the placental blood supply carrying oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. Assessing how easy or difficult it is for the blood to travel through the blood vessels of the umbilical cord blood or some important blood vessels of the fetus such as the middle cerebral artery or the ductus venosus by using the Doppler phenomenon, we can draw conclusions about the health of the fetus. This ultrasound examination also assesses other biophysical parameters such as the quantity of amniotic fluid, the fetal movements and fetal tone. In other words it is a check-up of the baby.

Other useful information that can be obtained at this stage of pregnancy is the position of the placenta (if near the cervix) and the baby's presentation (if cephalic or breech) is very helpful for selecting childbirth method.

  • Published: 24-02-2018
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