What will I feel after the laparoscopy?

​The first few hours after surgery you may find some abdominal pain or discomfort in one of your shoulders. These disturbances caused by some gas that is trapped in your belly and in a few hours it will be absorbed and removed from your body. Some steps once you are able to walk will help to be eliminated this inconvenience. If you have undergone diagnostic laparoscopy, laparoscopy for tubal ligation, or laparoscopy to investigate the patency of your tubes, you will then be able to go home the same day or a few hours after recovery from anesthesia. Some mild analgesics will be given to you to take if you need, for 2-3 days after surgery.

Regarding stitches, the small incisions made in your abdomen, usually are absorbable and usually fall by themselves. Before you go home it would be a good idea to confirm with your doctor. When you go home you may have for a few days of a slightly bloody discharge from the vagina that sometimes can last up to 7-10 days. To reduce the risk of inflammation it is recommended to avoid intercourse as long as this occurs. Good hygiene is important for your proper recovery, so it is recommended to do a daily shower. Your doctor will discuss with you the initial findings of laparoscopic examination and will plan with you the appropriate treatment if necessary.

  • Published: 21-01-2018
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