What else can be done by laparoscopy?

​Any laparoscopy, irrespective of the reason that is done, can provide useful diagnostic information for the woman's pelvis. Nowadays laparoscopy has more applications than a diagnostic tool. With laparoscopy can be achieved:

Laparoscopic check for the patency of the fallopian tubes 
Laparoscopic tubal ligation (sterilization surgery for permanent and non reversible contraceptive treatment).

Laparoscopic surgery 
If a diagnostic laparoscopy is done to investigate the patency of the fallopian tubes, then a suitable dye solution is used. This dye solution passes through a thin tube through the cervix into the uterine cavity, and then into the fallopian tubes and out in the pelvic cavity. The doctor who performs the laparoscopy at the same time will see that the dye solution passes freely from the open orifices of the fallopian tubes.

Laparoscopic tubal ligation
This method is performed in the same manner described as for the diagnostic laparoscopy but in this case the surgeon will additionally inserts a thin tube, usually just above the pubic symphysis through which will pass a special forceps. The forceps carries some special clips which under laparoscopic view will be placed at the beginning of the tubes and will block their lumen.

Laparoscopic surgery
​As described else where, it is possible during laparoscopy to introduce 2-3 thin tubes in the woman's low abdomen through which tools can be inserted. A variety of surgical procedures can be performed in this manner that would otherwise require large surgical incisions. Some of the interventions that can be made is cauterisation of endometrial spots, release of pelvic adhesions,removal of ovarian cyst, drilling of small ovarian cysts in policystic ovaries, removal of ectopic pregnancy, removal of falopian tubes, total or subtotal hysterectomies etc.

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