Gestational Diabetes

The way in which the body deals with sugar changes during pregnancy. Blood sugar levels are normally kept within a fairly narrow range due to the effects of insulin, a hormone produced by the pancreas. However, some of the hormones produced during pregnancy can impair insulin efficiency, resulting in the excretion of sugar in the urine, and some women may become temporarily diabetic (gestational diabetes). This type of diabetes is non-insulin-dependent and usually disappears within hours of birth. Insulin-dependent diabetes usually begins before the age of 30 and needs to be treated with injections of insulin. lf you have this type of diabetes, you should talk to a specialist before becoming pregnant. Very occasionally pregnancy reveals previously undiagnosed diabetes.





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  • Gestational Diabetes
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    • Due date & Gestational age based on period

      Due date & Gestational age based on period

      Due Date Calculator based on Last Menstrual Period (LMP).
      Enter the first day of your Last Menstrual Period and the length of your cycle in order to estimate your Due Date and the gestational age at present.
      Note, all dates given are estimates; We will give you a more accurate indication of your due date when you have your 7-10 week ultrasound scan.

      Enter first day of last menstrual period:

      Length of menstrual period cycle:

    • Gestational Age based on Due Date

      Gestational Age based on Due Date

      Gestational Age based on the Due Date
      If you know your due date, you can calculate how many weeks of pregnancy you have completed so far.

      Enter your due date:

    • Fertility calculator

      Fertility calculator

      Enter the date of your last menstrual period and the length of your cycle to show the period at which you are most fertile.

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