Can Cysts be Cancer?

Some cysts may be cancer although this is not the most common. The risk of ovarian cancer increases as a woman gets older. The vast majority of ovarian cancer cysts are encountered in women that are older than 50. Although ovarian cancer often has no symptoms in its early stages, women should be aware of it’s warning signs. Although many of these signs will prove non-related to any pathology, they should be promptly reported to the doctor.

Signs and symptoms that have to be taken notice are:

  • Enlargement or swelling of the abdomen
  • Nausea or heartburn that doesn’t go away
  • Loss of appetite
  • ​Pelvic pain

If ovarian cysts are found early, many of the problems caused by them can be treated.

  • What is Ovarian Cyst?
  • Types of Ovarian Cysts
  • Can Cysts be Cancer?
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
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