Our Philosophy of Gynaecology Care

Michael Lazanakis can offer the full spectrum of gynaecological advice and treatment to women of all ages. With his background of training and years of experience he appreciates and knows that good quality medical services rests in good communication between the doctor and the patient. During each consultation, the concerns and wishes of each patient are respected and opportunities for the patient to take an active role in her treatment choices and needs are offered.

Michael Lazanakis is always willing to answer your questions based on the best medical evidence and to direct you to reliable resources to learn more. He will listen carefully to your problem and will encourage you to ask questions. He will present the diagnostic plan for investigating your medical problem and you will discuss together, and in some cases with your partner, the treatment plan that will respond to your needs only. He offers ultrasound gynecological examination and colposcopy assessment in his surgery that can often give immediate answers to diagnostic problems. If needed, he will dispel misleading perceptions or incomplete, unsubstantiated information (i.e. from the Internet).

The approach for any treatment plan, before reaching a decision to opt for major surgery, is to first explore pharmaceutical treatments and less invasive methods, thereafter if such methods fail or are not possible, for the particular problem, only then are more invasive surgical treatments considered . The type of surgery that Dr. Lazanakis may initially propose could be an endoscopic procedure, eg. hysteroscopy or laparoscopy. The benefits are less hospitalization and quicker return to everyday life. The training and surgical experience gained in Great Britain have given him the ability to offer a wide range of endoscopic therapies that offer solutions to problems like uterine bleeding, fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cysts.